Do not you have stress?


Do not you have stress?

  • I want to lose weight but the diet does not last
  • I want to be a cool style but I am not good at muscle training
  • I am not good at exercising and always grueling after eating
  • Unreasonable dietary restrictions. I do not like tight exercise
  • I challenged a diet but I rebound
  • The doctor is told to lose weight
  • I can not lose weight while I train muscle and run in a gym
  • Drink often, drink it, you have to eat air bad
  • I do not lose weight while drinking a commercially available calorie stop supplement
  • I can not go on alone
  • I can only wear comfortable clothes because my stomach is pale.
  • I am asleep the most fat among my friends
  • I ate too much chewiness, and always regretted all the time
  • Legs and arms are fat and undignified

We can resolve 20min only for 2times/week



Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS) is a process through which low-level impulses are used to stimulate muscles, forcing them to contract – conditioning and strengthening them.

EMS mimics the action of the central nervous system, activating muscles using external impulses. The impulses reach deep muscle layers which are hard to activate through conventional training. Your muscles will not tell the difference, but work out much more effectively.

With wireless network, you can train every movement and that do not burden your body.

Traditional personal weight training is enriched. Fashionable low sugar diet and weight training are also substantial.

12 reasons why people choose ebodydesign

Training with a vision body is amazing!

The effectiveness by 20 minutes with the world’s most advanced EMS training with for 4 hours of regular training. The heat consumption up to 700 kilocalories after training 20minutes. Inner muscle and deep muscles are activated after training 48hours. The metabolism will increase, the maximum heat consumption is 3000 kilocalories in 48 hours.

Traditional Personal Weight Training too

Aftercare with low frequency massage after completion

It is very pleasant. Full body refresh! It will be hard to leave fatigue the next day.

Come training without baggage.

You do not need to bring your own wear because you can borrow dedicated wear that you can come by hand and come training without baggage.

After training, you can also use a shower and towels are available for rent, so you can come by hand and training is available. Protein is also provided free of charge.

Even though individual guidance diet, it is low price than other

Even though it is an individual guidance diet, it is less expensive than other personal diet training though it is a diet of individual guidance using inexpensive world cutting-edge training although it is a diet of individual tutoring. Thorough counseling for individual tutorials will be conducted before training and we will propose the optimum course.

credit settlement correspondence

Bangkok’s personal gym is unusual for credit payment. How commission free! further!

Payment in installments is also possible!

Response to late-night training

We are open until 22 o’clock in order to be able to pass through even if it is slow to finish work. We are aiming for shops where as many customers as possible can pass. Please do not hesitate to contact us even if you can only take time on late night / holiday. I will remove every obstacle to realize your diet.

Even if you come with a small child, Safe

Japanese or Thai staff who can speak Japanese will keep your child in the next room, so you can concentrate on your training with confidence. (Reservation required)

Get a real-time graph after training

We will immediately email to you the report as graphs.  The information includes body weight, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle percentage, body, age, waist, etc. The graph is easy to understand with spots and numerical values, and it makes your diet more effectively.We would like to recommend the Real time graph which is available only at our gym in Bangkok!

Personal training is also enhanced

Of course, conventional personal training is also fulfilling! Personal trainers will respond!

Safety and Peace with Shingi Dojo group management.

It’s Relieved because it is offered by Shingi Dojo Group (4 stores in Bangkok, 1 store in Shiracha, 1,000 members) opened in Bangkok for 7 years

Phra Khanong BTS Station! Convenient parking!

Get off the BTS Plakanong station, head to the 3rd floor of MaxValue. Parking lot is available.

Available parking is also offered at Thonglor branch office (Personal weight training only)

No result, get full refund guarantee.

ebodydesign Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.
Money back guarantee when you cannot feel any result in the first month.
It is guaranteed because we are confident in the program we offer.

※ We restrict our diets according to the trainer instructions only when we are on the course, which is not covered when the promotion is utilized.

Training program designed to achieve your goals.

Personal & Vision Body Diet Programs

Daily meal instruction. Total support for individuals such as weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, physical condition.

Vision Body Weight Loss Programs

Ideal for women who would like to get beautiful shape without attaching extra muscles than necessary with menus of various vision bodies such as yoga.

Personal & Vision Body Quick Programs

Anyway, it is recommended for those who want to reach achievement quickly and reliably.

CHEAPEST!!! How much does it cost?

VisionBody Programs

※Minimum Contract of 2 months.
※ Member fee excluded.

Vision Body ticket

※6 sessions within 3 weeks.  ※Member fee excluded.
※10 sessions, 20 sessions, 30 session tickets available,
the more sessions the more inexpensive, each time.

VisionBody One time trial Fee

※ If you join the trial day, the trial lesson fee will be free.

Please contact us with trial lessons, free counseling etc.

Contact Us

Please inquire us for more details such as course contents and the schedule of trial lesson. If you can send free counseling from the above, we will inform you the best course by e-mail before joining.

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